Welcome in The Music Lab, the recording studio of Dutch composer Frank Bilsen.

Frank Bilsen writes music for events, film and theatre productions. Mostly to support a visual message.

In his work he often is collaborating with artists from the Cirque du Soleil, bringing together some of Dutch finest musicians to play at live events.

He likes to combine acoustic and electronic instruments and gets his inspiration from all over the world.

With great skill and enthousiasm, Frank Bilsen constantly mixes all kinds of ingredients into fresh and surprising music.

Because music is his passion!

Frank Bilsen
Recent projects
La Dia La Dia
Frank is musical director of the successful...
Dreamin´ in the Park with Alice Dreamin´ in the Park with Alice
Opening show for the Parktheater in Eindhoven, where Frank...
Music for audiovisuals
Frisse Wind Frisse Wind
Leader for a symposium of KPMG...
Gouden Giraffe 2008 Golden Giraffe 2008
Frank composed the music for the presentation of...
´This is a musical heart´ Ruud Breuls (trumpet player)

´You surprise me every time again´ Kees Janssen (producer, creator, director)