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What a band! Listen to these live-recordings made at the Pepsi Stage in Amsterdam, where DNB was celebrating their success.

Name: DNB op stoom
Composed by: Frank Bilsen (except Latin mix and Erik BorgmanÂ’s music)
Arranged by: Frank Bilsen and Tom Beek
Year: 2005
For: DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank)
Produced by: NEB Communicatieprojecten

Arnold Schellens: rap and vocals
Alma Nieto: vocals
Esther Pierweijer: vocals, violin, keyboards
Ruud Breuls, Wim Both: trumpet
Tom Beek: saxes
Ilja Reijngoud: trombone
Frank Bilsen: grand piano, rhodes, synthesizer
Frank Stukker: guitars
Paddy van Rijswijk: bass
Marnix Stassen, Femke Krone: percussion
Han Wouters: drums